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We know how hard it is to keep up with home improvements, so we want to introduce you to some big savings going on right now. Read below to learn more!

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Solatube Manufacturers Rebate

Buy 2, Get 50% Off the 3rd Product!

With the Solatube Manufacturer Rebate, you can save 50% when you install three Solatube products! Contact us and we will answer any of your questions.

Upgrade Specials

Upgrade your existing Solatube to gain all the benefits of new product innovations.

Interior Upgrade – Style and Performance

​Starting at $275


  • New bottom tube section including improved seal, brighter tube technology and infrared filter
  • New Climate Effect Lens for thermal performance
  • Access to new interior diffuser options
  • Optional upgrade component for thermal efficiency – Thermal Insulation Panel

Exterior Upgrade – Performance

​Starting at $290


  • New dome ring and reflector
  • New dome including Raybender Technology (offers better light capture throughout the day)
  • Inspection of roof flashing
Total Upgrade

​Starting at $899


  • Removal of existing unit (Solatube or other brand)
  • Complete installation of new components
  • Inspection of roof flashing, replacement if necessary

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